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FT Topics and Alerts

Automatically organize news by Topics relevant to your courses and research and receive Alerts based on those Topics.


Topics allow you to automatically organize news relevant to your courses and research and to receive Alerts based on those Topics.  Before you use Topics, however, make sure that you have first created and signed into your account.

After you have signed into your account, follow the instructions below to select Topics and create Topic Alerts.

Select Topics and Create Topic Alerts

There are 2 ways to select topics. Whenever you select a topic, you can say yes to receiving alerts on your device.  

One way to select a topic is to find the Topic given at the top of the article bolded either in Red or Blue, and click Add to myFT.  You will notice that Topics are countries, companies, themes, or people .


The other way is to enter a keyword in the search box, and select one of the Topics in the results (again bolded in Red or Blue).  Once on the Topic page of your choice, add it to MyFT.