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Copyright Information and Guidelines

This guide for the Bentley University community presents information on copyright and provides guidance in evaluating the use of copyrighted material in higher education and scholarship.

About This Guide

This guide was developed to assist the Bentley University community in matters of copyright that are most likely to be encountered in the preparation and implementation of academic instruction and individual scholarship. It is informed by numerous resources on copyright law and its relation to higher education and is shaped by the "community of practice" that has emerged among scholars, educators, and librarians.

Emerging technologies will only ensure that copyright law will continue to be tested and challenged. To that end, this guide will be considered an evolving resource. As changes to the law are introduced, the information included here will reflect that change. Similarly, as local concerns regarding copyright within the Bentley community are discovered, this guide will serve to address those issues.

What This Guide Is

This guide presents information on copyright law in the context of educational instruction and scholarship from a variety of authoritative sources. The purpose of this guide is to empower both educators and scholars to make informed decisions when incorporating copyrighted material in the course of academic instruction or research by providing accurate information on relevant copyright law as well as guidance on how to evaluate the use of copyrighted works.

What This Guide Is Not

The information presented in this guide is not legally binding and does not represent legal advice.

The guidelines and best practices featured herein are intended to assist in the evaluation of the use of copyrighted material and are based on a variety of interpretations of copyright law. These guidelines are not acknowledged as legally sanctioned methods and thus, the courts are not beholden to what they may or may not suggest is permissible use. It is advisable to always conduct a fair use analysis when considering the use of copyrighted material. If, after careful evaluation, it is determined that the use of particular material would violate copyright law, or if you need to purchase copyright permissions for such use, please contact Matthew Van Sleet at 781.891.2311 or

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