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Literary Research

This guide is to help you to get started researching literature-related topics using Library resources and services.

Biographical and Critical Essays

Look up individual authors and works in these databases for biographical and critical information. Fuller versions of these entries are available in print; look them up in the catalog by title.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

Scholarly Articles

Look up articles about any literary topic (including individual authors and works) in these databases.

Citation Databases

These databases are focused on citation information (rather than full text) - to books and dissertations as well as articles. Bentley may have access to the works indexed in these databases. Click here to look up a book in the library catalog. To find where we have access to journals, go to the library's home page and click the Journal Finder tab above the search box.

Search Tips

1. Always choose the Advanced Search option if there is one available. This will give you results more targeted to your topic.

2. Use AND between terms or between search boxes to make your search smaller if you're retrieving too many results. For example: Vietnam AND poetry

Use OR between terms or between search boxes to make your search larger if you're retrieving too few results. For example: fiction OR novel

3. Use quotation marks to search for two or more words in the exact order they're entered. For example: "pride and prejudice"