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GB320 Spring 2023 - Auto Body Shops Sections 001-006 (Bravo, Flynn, Matthews, Tracey)

MRI Simmons Insights


Using DemographicsNow for a radius search.

Login to DemographicsNow and click the "Location Options" dropdown menu on the top right-hand side of the page and then click on the link titled "Create Locations" to launch the "Custom Search Locations" search box.

When the "Custom Search Locations" box opens, you can enter the address for Total Care Accident Repair (81 Brookside Cir, Raynham, MA 02767), under the "Address" label, in the Location area on the top left of the search box. Use the drop-down menu and select "Enter an Address".

After the address has been entered click on the button titled "Add Point". 

In the Range area enter the range you want to be returned under the "Ranges:" label, and use the drop-down to the right to select miles, kilometers, or time (driving time) from Total Care you are interested in researching. Click the "OK" button to see the results.

DemographicsNow will return results from within the range you select. For this example, all results returned will be from within 30 miles of Total Care. This is a radius search. 

Using Mosaics

Find the Mosaic® USA profile descriptions in the DemographicsNow database:

  1. Go to the Demographics Now database
  2. Click on the menu icon in the top right corner 
  3. Click HELP
  4. Scroll down to view [Mosaic USA Details]:
    • You will see links to the 19 Mosaic® USA group profiles and the 71 Mosaic® USA segment descriptions.
    • You can also look at the Grand Index - a statistical report that ranks and indexes more than 600 demographic, psychographic and lifestyle characteristics for each Mosaic group/type.

Important Mosaic® USA Documentation:

  • Mosaic® USA Handbook
    • see page 4 for the Mosaic® USA Family Tree. The family tree illustrates the major demographic and lifestyle polarities between the groups and types, and shows how the Mosaic types relate to each other. 
    • see pages 5 & 6 for the group and type structure
  • Mosaic® USA Product Guide
    • See pages 6-9 for some basic guidelines for interpreting the Grand Index and Channel Preferences.

Mintel Reports


Search Tip: use Autobody as a search term to start with when searching Statista.