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GB320 Summer 2021


DemographicsNow Mosaics provides customer segmentation for cross-channel marketing from Experian.  DemographicsNow helps users to define and measure potential customers.  Potential customers are grouped into 18 categories, and 71 sub-categories, that explain the modern American customer.  

Once you find the Mosaic categories that you are interested in, you can use then go into the "Demographics" section of DemographicsNow to see where members of those categories live and work.  

To access Mosaics from Experian, via DemographicsNow, log into DemograpgicsNow and click on the three dashes on the top-right of the page and then click on "Help".  


Using Mosaics

Find the Mosaic® USA profile descriptions in the DemographicsNow database:

  1. Go to the Demographics Now database
  2. Click on the menu icon in the top right corner 
  3. Click HELP
  4. Scroll down to view [Mosaic USA Details]:
    • You will see links to the 19 Mosaic® USA group profiles and the 71 Mosaic® USA segment descriptions.
    • You can also look at the Grand Index - a statistical report that ranks and indexes more than 600 demographic, psychographic and lifestyle characteristics for each Mosaic group/type.

Important Mosaic® USA Documentation:

  • Mosaic® USA Handbook
    • see page 4 for the Mosaic® USA Family Tree. The family tree illustrates the major demographic and lifestyle polarities between the groups and types, and shows how the Mosaic types relate to each other. 
    • see pages 5 & 6 for the group and type structure
  • Mosaic® USA Product Guide
    • See pages 6-9 for some basic guidelines for interpreting the Grand Index and Channel Preferences.

Simmons Insights

Euromonitor Passport GMID


Look at the Consumer Behavior 2021-2022 report for demographics on U.S. consumers.

MRI Simmons - MediaMark

The MediaMark University Reporter registration code is YDUD56MZ. 

MediaMark Hints

Once you create an account with MediaMark and login, you will want to search the University Reporter by selecting a Category (Household Products - Baby/Children), a Question (start with Children's Clothing - Amount Spent), and then select the Details you would like to learn about.

MediaMark will display demographics for Men. Women, or Adults in each question category.  It will also display an Index number for those who are more or less likely to purchase a product or service.