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Academic Publishing

Best practices and pitfalls to avoid in the academic publishing process.

Bogus Conference? You Decide.

Predatory Conferences Undermine Science and Scam Academics

"Credible scientific conferences, typically organized by major professional societies and research agencies, will invite researchers to present because of the caliber and validity of their work as judged by the candidate's peers. Given the importance of conferences in academia, predatory conference organizers sensed a business opportunity and started scamming researchers a few years ago."

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How to Spot Predatory Conferences

How to Identify a Predatory Journal or Meeting

Evaluating a journal before submitting material is a core responsibility of the author. Ray Hunziker, Senior Editor for ProEd Communications, Inc., a healthcare communications company, has published tips for identifying potential predatory publishers, journals, and meetings.

Hunziker, Ray. “Avoiding Predatory Publishers in the Post-Beall World: Tips for Writers and Editors.” ‚ÄčAMWA Journal, 32:3, 2017. Web.