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GLS101: Globalization: Globalization

This guide provides a starting point in conducting research on topics related to globalization for GLS101: Globalization.

Reference Sources

The following reference materials are good sources on background information for topics related to globalization. The sources can provide good overviews of topics to help you get an understanding before searching and even point you towards reliable information sources.


Below are just a selection of books to show you the variety of globalization materials we have available here at the Bentley Library. To find other books, visit the Finding Books page in this research guide for tips.


You can find a lot of good information on the web related to globalization that can help get you started or help supplement materials you find in scholarly sources. Take a look at some of these sources for a sampling of websites that may provide you information:

Where else can I find information on the web?

Depending on your topic, you may find news, statistics, and data from a number of sources that can assist with your research. Are there non-governmental organizations (NGOs) or other organizations that are concerned with your topic? Below are some examples of organizations that might have relevant information depending on your topic: