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MK342 - Spring 2021 (Gustafson)

This Bentley Library research guide has been prepared for students taking MK342 Advertising with Professor Lee Gustafson during the Spring 2021 trimester.

Consumer and Market Research Databases

The resources listed on this page are the library's top consumer research databases, providing a mix of consumer market data and consumer demographic and psychographic information. Please note that not every database will be suitable for every project in this class!  

See also:
Mediamark Reporter and Mosaic USA database information on this guide.
  • Tip: In addition covering consumer products and services markets (e.g. Food, Drink, Beauty & Personal Care, Financial Services, Health & Wellbeing, Household Goods, Foodservice, Apparel, Sports & Gaming, Travel & Leisure) Mintel provides reports focused on media and technology (e.g. Digital Advertising, Television Advertising, Internet Influencers), retailing (e.g. Sporting Goods Retailing, Drug Stores) and demographics and lifestyles (e.g. Marketing to Gen Z, Marketing to Sports Fans, The Natural Household Consumer).

  • Search Tip #1: Look for consumer information withing Industry Profiles and Category Briefings. There are a few different search options available on the main landing page:
    • In the top navigation bar, hover over [Industries] to select an industry, then use the various filters provided to narrow the search.
    • In the top navigation bar click the [Search button] to create detailed custom searches to access specific information. Use either the browse tree or search tree options, select [Categories and Topics], click [Go], then follow the prompts to build a targeted search
    • Use the search box to search the full database by keyword.
    • Use the search tiles on the home page to quickly access datagraphics, statistics, analysis, tools and more
  • Search Tip #2: Find Consumer Lifestyles information for the United States. In the top navigation bar, hover over [Consumers] and click on [Lifestyles]. In the [Country Reports] section use the drop-down boxes to select the category and country.

Consumer Research at the DMA Level

DemographicsNow and Claritas 360 are the best library sources for consumer information for DMAs. 

Most of the library's consumer research databases provide data and analysis at the U.S. or global levels. To find specific information for a DMA you can use the DemographicsNow database to retrieve population, household, and consumer expenditure data for any DMA. DemographicsNow also provides Simmons National Consumer Study and Mosaic® USA consumer segmentation data for DMAs.

  • The Simmons National Consumer Study gathers information on the lifestyles, media habits and product/brand preferences of American families.
  • Mosaic® USA is a segmentation system developed by Experian that classifies U.S. households into 71 unique types and 19 overarching groups that share similar demographic and socioeconomic characteristics. More detailed information about Mosaic® USA is available on the Mosaic USA page on this guide.

Watch this video to learn more:

  • Tip: Explore the Segmentation Reports (Consumer Concentration; Market Potential; Profile Ranking Index; Profile Worksheet;  Segment Distribution; Target Concentration; and Target Segment Measures). Segmentation reports include PRIZM Social Groups and PRIZM Lifestage Group.