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Information Literacy and Instruction

Resources and tips about information literacy, critical thinking, and how faculty can incorporate these concepts into their courses.

GB214: Marketing-Operations Fundamentals

The GB214 information literacy program began in the Fall 2016 term. Built upon skills students learn as part of the GB112 program, students in GB214 are introduced to more in-depth company and industry research techniques. Students use a variety of sources including S.E.C. filings, company profiles, SWOT analyses, industry and market research reports, press releases, business news publications and more in order to examine a company’s operations and marketing strategies. Techniques on how to locate, utilize, and properly cite these sources in APA format are introduced in a live class session with a librarian. Students complete two activities during the session, giving them hands-on experience using library databases to locate information about their companies and the chance to ask questions. 

A second research session on marketing resources is also available upon faculty request. The marketing session focuses on the use of specialized market research and demographic resources to assist with consumer segmentation and targeting.  

For more information about the GB214 program and library support, please visit the GB214 research guide:

Scheduling Information for GB214 Faculty

GB214 instruction sessions last a minimum of 50 minutes and are usually scheduled during the first full week of classes of the semester. Faculty can contact Matt Van Sleet directly in order to discuss scheduling of sessions. Librarians are assigned to each session and the librarian leading the session will reach out to the faculty member directly. 

Marketing sessions usually take 30-45 minutes depending on session goals and the number of resources covered. These can be scheduled in the beginning of the semester when scheduling the regular GB214 library session for later in the semester.