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GB112 Library Research Guide

This guide assembles the resources discussed in the Research Essentials library tutorials, as well as further resources to help with your course project.

Introduction & Instructions

Welcome to GB112!

Business research requires specialized sources and skills. The Bentley librarians have created a series of online tutorials and activities to help you familiarize yourself with these sources and successfully conduct business research for your GB112 Course Project. Learning the content and skills covered in this program will help you get a good grade on your GB112 Course Project and also help you to build a foundation in business research for your other classes at Bentley and for your future career. 

Here's what you need to do:

Step 1: View the tutorials.

There are 5 short video tutorials (all between 2-4 minutes) embedded below which provide an introduction to business research topics and will help you find the information you will need for your GB112 Course Project. Scroll down to see the tutorials.

Step 2: Complete the pre-class assignment worksheet. 

DUE: Before Class 11 - Check with your professor for the exact due date and how to submit the assignment. Completion of this worksheet impacts your grade.

After watching the tutorials (or while you watch the tutorials), complete the pre-class assignment worksheet. There are some multiple choice questions and a guided article searching activity. You will need to turn in your completed worksheet to your instructor for credit and you will need to bring the article you found with you to class. 

Step 3: Attend the virtual library session with a librarian. Make sure you have a copy of your article and a copy of the pre-assignment easily accessible during the session. 

DATE: Check with your professor.

A librarian will be visiting your GB112 class to discuss some of the skills you learned and answer questions you may have. You'll also be completing a short in-class activity using your completed pre-assignment so make sure to have it ready! 

Pre-Class Assignment Worksheet Download

Please watch the assigned tutorials (located below) and then download and complete the following worksheet.

The assignment should be submitted on your section’s Blackboard site before the start of Class 11.  

Make sure to have your completed worksheet available for you to refer to on the day that the librarian visits your class.

The other pages of this GB112 Research Guide contain links to databases, resources, and other information covered in the tutorials that you can consult as you complete the pre-assignment worksheet and conduct your research for your course project.

You can access this research guide and all of the Bentley Library’s research guides anytime from the Bentley Library homepage in the Research Help box.

Finding a Company's 10-K

Finding a Company's 10-K (Watch Time: 2 minutes 23 seconds)

This tutorial will focus on “How to Find a Form 10-K”. We will cover how to locate a Form 10-K in both freely available sources on the web as well as Bentley Library databases.


Finding Company Information

Finding Company Information (Watch Time: 3 minutes 42 Seconds)

Throughout this tutorial we'll be discussing strategies on how to conduct basic company research using resources available at the Bentley Library. We will cover how to start searching for the most credible information about a company and how to locate key financial information.


Finding a NAICS Code

Finding a NAICS Code (Watch Time: 2 minutes 50 seconds)

In this tutorial, we'll discuss how industries are classified using NAICS codes and how to locate a company’s industry code.

Finding Industry Information

Finding Industry Information (Watch Time: 2 minutes 49 seconds)

In this tutorial we'll examine how to find information about a specific industry using library resources.

Finding Business News Articles

Finding Business News Articles (Watch Time: 3 minutes 6 seconds)

In this tutorial, we will discuss how to search for and find news articles about a company or an industry using the library’s research databases.