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MLFR 301: Contemporary Francophone Cultures

Databases and books for researching Francophone countries.

Getting Started

This guide presents databases and books available in the library for researching country information. Use this information to prepare a 8-12 minute short presentation on a timely “news” event coming from any of the 88 member states of the International Francophone Organization (OIF).

Some countries are classified as French overseas possessions or regions, but are part of France. In some databases, you will need to search for France to find information on these countries, and this is noted where appropriate.



The library's Databases A-Z page contains three relevant subject lists: Arts, Media & Literature, Country Research and News.

Below are recommended databases for the project.

** Keep in mind that if you use Google Chrome to search for materials in French, it may automatically translate search results into English. 

Books from the Catalog

  • You can use the Search box at the top right of this page to look for books that may include historical timelines for your country. Click the dropdown menu and choose Bentley Catalog. Try searching for [your country name] AND history.
  • The books below contain country-specific historical and cultural content.


Macee Damon - Modern Languages Librarian


Research Help

Bentley Reference librarians are here to assist with your research. We can help with selecting search tools, finding and evaluating sources, and citing sources. 

Here are the ways that you can get research help during our hours:


Research Consultations

While you can always reach out to us using the contact methods above, you can schedule an appointment with a librarian for one-on-one assistance with research. 48 hours advanced notice appreciated for scheduling purposes. Schedule an appointment here.