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GB320 -- Fall 2020 - Hockey Goals - Sections 1, 2, 3, 12, 13, 14, 15 (Flynn, Constantino, Matthews, Tracey)

Getting Started

Sports Trends for Kids and Teens -- US -- May 2020 (Mintel)

The report highlights trends in sports for families and highlights the impact of Covid-19 on the sports market.

Sporting Goods Retail -- US -- August 2019 (Mintel)

This report provides a summary of the retail sporting goods market in the United States.

Sporting Goods Stores in the US (IBISWorld)

"Sporting goods stores primarily retail new sporting goods, including bicycles, camping equipment, exercise, and fitness equipment, apparel, footwear, and other goods and accessories. Products are sourced from sporting goods manufacturers and wholesalers and then sold to the general public via retail stores."

Athletic & Sporting Goods Manufacturing in the United States (IBISWorld)

"Establishments in this industry manufacture a range of sporting and athletic goods, including balls, bags, clubs, gloves, skates, protective equipment, boards, fishing gear, and other supplies."