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GB320: Seltzer - Spring 2023 - Sections 7,8,9 (Gustafson, LeDoux, Young, & Van Sleet)

Target Customers

Use the MRI Simmons How-to Guide to learn how to create reports on Leisure and Gardening Product purchases by demographics such as age, gender, etc..

Other Relevant Databases


Source of statistics about households by a specific geographic area or the whole US.

Demographics Now also includes Mosaic Reports. Choose the Mosiac Report that best fits your target market. The Mosiac USA Details are listed under The Help & Info drop down box in the far right.  Then search each state to find where that Target Market is most likely to reside in the USA.

OR use Demographics Now to take a look at the U. S. population by a specific geographic area such as by state.

To access the reports:

  • Click on the Demographics Now from the Library's Databases A to Z listing.

  • Click on the >Demographics< TAB.

  • Click on Geographic Menu

  • After you choose the Geography. View the report.

  • You can then change reports in the Report Type drop down menu to "Mosiac Population Comparison"  for example.

  • Other reports of interest include:

    • Basic Demographic Comparison Chart

    • Demographic Trend Comparison

    • Mosaic Household Comparison

      • (see "Mosaic USA Details" under "Help & Info" drop down menu on top right).

  • You can export the data as a PDF, Excel or Word document.