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GB320: Seltzer - Spring 2023 - Sections 7,8,9 (Gustafson, LeDoux, Young, & Van Sleet)

Industry and Market Reports

The following resources are ideal places to begin looking to learn about the industries and markets for a company's products or services. Read the selected reports for an overview of the current industry and market landscape of your company. Then, try searching for additional reports within these databases.

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  • Thomas, B. (2022, September). Medical & Recreational Marijuana Stores in the US (US Specialized Industry Report OD4142). IBISWorld.
  • Rodriguez, A. (2021, October). Relaxation Drink Production (US Specialized Industry Report OD4204). IBISWorld.
  • Curran, J. (2022, February). Industrial Hemp Production (US Industry Report OD 3315). IBISWorld.
  • Pantalon, M. (2022, September). Soda Production in the US (US Industry Report 31211A). IBISWorld.
  • Bryant, C. (2022). Alcohol Alternatives - US - 2022.
  • Olsen, K. (2022). Functional Drinks - US – 2022.
  • Bryant, C. (2022). Still and Sparkling Waters - US - 2022.
  • Bryant, C. (2021). Beverage Packaging Trends - US - 2022.
  • Chychula, A. (2023). Sports and Performance Drinks - US - 2023.
  • Statista. (2022). CBD retail in the United States
  • Statista. (2021). Recreational cannabis in the U.S.
  • Statista. (2022).Cannabidiol in the U.S.
  • MarketLine. (2021, April). Soft Drinks in the United States: MarketLine Industry Profile.

Government Regulation

On the federal level, cannabis remains illegal. The US federal government classifies cannabis, along with heroin and cocaine, as a Schedule I drug with a high potential for abuse and little to no medical benefit. However, in recent years, many US states have enacted reform measures and passed legislation to legalize the use and sale of cannabis, although regulations vary by state. Below are links to selected state regulatory bodies.

Professional/Trade Associations