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Reserving Rooms using EMS

Checking Into Your Reservation

In order to provide equitable access to rooms, we are requiring that you “check in” to your reservations within 15 minutes of the start time. This is to ensure that people are actually using the rooms they have reserved. If you do not check in, your reservation will be canceled. Email reminders will be sent to the person who made the reservation, and you can “check in” either on the app or the website. In the coming weeks, we will be installing new screens outside the rooms, creating a third way for you to make reservations and check-in!

Checking In on the App

While in the app, you will see your upcoming reservations. There are two ways to "check-in". Either swipe to the left on your reservation and select "Check-in" (you can also cancel a reservation this way) or click on your reservation to open the details, and click "check-in" at the bottom of the screen.


Checking In on EMS Online

To check in while logged into EMS online, simply navigate to "My Bookings" and click "check-in". this option will appear 5 minutes before your reservation begins and remain in place until 15 after your reservation begins.