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GB320: Pies -- Spring 2021 -- Sections 1, 2, 3, 13, 14, 15 (Flynn, Markwith, Matthews, & Leahy)

Essential Reading: Market & Industry Analysis Reports

The following sources will be extremely helpful in familiarizing yourselves with the various industries and markets associated with the product and company including looking at current news, supply chains, major competitors, trends, and more. These reports are meant to be a starting point for your research. You may want to consult other reports and sources as you complete your research assignments for this class, but especially for Assignment #1.

​Ristoff, J. (2020, June). Frozen cake & pastry manufacturing (US Specialized Industry Report OD5712). IBISWorld.

Ristoff, J. (2020, October). Frozen food production in the US (US Industry (NAICS) Report 31141). IBISWorld.

Moses, J. (2020, August). Frozen food wholesaling in the US (US Industry (NAICS) Report 42442). IBISWorld.

Ross, G. (2020, October). Grocery wholesaling in the US (US Industry (NAICS) Report 42441). IBISWorld.

Mintel. (2020, November). Food and drink shopper: Incl. impact of COVID-19 - US

Mintel. (2020, April). Grocery retailing: Incl. impact of COVID-19 - US.

Mintel. (2020, June). The impact of COVID-19 on retail and ecommerce.

Mintel. (2020, June). The impact of COVID-19 on food and drink retailing.

Other Sources of Information: