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GB320: HVAC - (Fall 2020) SNs 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 (Gustafson, Li, McCormack, Ruby, Sambare & Morin)

Market & Industry Analysis: Key Reports to Read Before Exploring Other Tabs

After reading through your assignment, please access the below 4 resources and explore the reports & surveys highlighted to gain insight and a common vocabulary for your company's lines of business, markets & customers.

  • Kennedy, K. (2020, July). Heating & air-conditioning contractors in US (US industry NAICS report 23822A). IBISWorld.
  • Roth, R. (2019, July). HVAC Service Franchises (US specialized industry report OD5583). IBISWorld., D. (2020, April).
  • Diment, D. (2020, April). Heating & air conditioning equipment manufacturing in the US (US Industry NAICS Report 33341). IBISWorld.

* Please note that additional IBIS reports will be of interest and that there is a download option that lets you get your own copy of the whole report in pdf, word or excel.

  • Statista. (2020). HVAC Industry [Dossier].
    • Please note that the above report is mostly for the residential HVAC market, but there is some interesting trend data and B to B information mixed in.

* Please note that additional Statista reports will be of interest.

  • Miller, R. K., & Washington, K. (2020). Business-to-business marketing 2020-2021. Miramar, FL: Richard K. Miller & Associates.