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GLS298: Science, Technology, and Society

Search Tips for Finding Articles

You can use the databases below to find articles published in the scholarly and popular press on your topics. 

Use some of the search tips below to help you construct searches with your key terms.

Boolean Search Terms

Use Boolean terms AND, OR, and NOT to connect multiple search terms (i.e. technology AND "public policy") to better focus your search. The way that you connect the search terms will impact the results that are returned in the search tool.

Boolean Venn Diagram

AND will return results that include both search terms you enter. OR will return results that mention either of the search terms you enter. Using NOT will exclude search results based on a specific term.

Phrase Searching

Does one of your search terms contain multiple words? Use quotation marks around the search term to ensure that those words are searched together as a phrase. For example, putting the phrase "social media" in quotes will return results that mention those two words together.

Truncation Searching

Many search tools let you utilize what is known as truncation searching, often represented in a search tool by an asterisk*. Use this option to help search for variants of a word at the same time. Truncation allows you to search the "root" form of a word with all its different endings by adding a symbol to the end of a word. For example, searching for child* will search for child, children, childhood, etc. at the same time!

Best Bet Databases for Locating Articles

Find more databases by visiting our complete Databases A-Z list and use the Subjects tool to filter the list by subject area. Some filters that may be of interest:

  • Politics & Government
  • Science & Medicine
  • Business Topics
  • Economics & Finance
  • General Topics
  • IT & CIS

Searching Beyond Bentley Library

Google Scholar Search

If you find an article that Bentley does not have access to but would like to consider it for your research, you may be able to obtain it through Interlibrary Loan: