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MK411 - Spring 2023 (Flynn)

This research guide has been created for students taking MK411 with Professor Erin Flynn during the Spring 2023 semester.

Module 2: Required Readings

The items listed below are required reading for Module 2. You are strongly encouraged to source additional readings on the topics of racial justice in running and outdoor recreation, and the social and racial construct of cultural norms using the databases listed on this research guide.

Désir, A. (2022). Running while black. Penguin Random House.

Eck, E. (2021, May). Departing from the norm: Diversity, representation and community-building in outdoor recreation. 

Goodridge, L. (2022, March 29). Professionalism as a racial construct. UCLA Law Review.

Sykes, E. (2022). Environmental justice beyond physical access: Rethinking Black American utilization of urban public green spaces. Environmental Sociology, 8(4), 388-399.  [access: article posted in Blackboard]

Module 2: Suggested Additional Readings

Davis, J. (2019). Black faces, black spaces: Rethinking African American underrepresentation in wildland spaces and outdoor recreation. Environment and Planning E: Nature and Space, 2(1), 89–109.  [library access]

Floyd, M. F., & Johnson, C. Y. (2002). Coming to terms with environmental justice in outdoor recreation: A conceptual discussion with research implications. Leisure Sciences, 24(1), 59–77.  [library access] 

Xiao, X., Lee, K. J., & Larson, L. R. (2022). Who visits US National Parks (and who doesn’t)? A national study of perceived constraints and vacation preferences across diverse populations. Journal of Leisure Research, 53(3), 404-425.  [access via author’s site]