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HNR440: Fall 2023 (Flynn)

This Bentley Library research guide has been prepared for students enrolled in HNR 440 with Professor Erin Flynn during Fall 2023.

SFIA Reports

These two reports from the Sports and Fitness Industry Association (SFIA) are posted in Brightspace:

  • 2023 SFIA Topline Participation Report 
    • This report provides an overview of sports and activity participation trends, inactivity levels, and aspirational participation.
  • 2023 SFIA Manufacturers’ Sales by Category Report  
    • This report provides a topline look at wholesale dollar sales data of major categories that make up the sports and fitness industry.

RIDC Reports

These three reports from the Running Industry Diversity Coalition (RIDC) are posted in Brightspace:

  • The Future of Running
  • Racial Diversity and the Business of Running
  • Racial Diversity in Trail Running

Sports Market Analytics (SMA) database

  • Sports Participation Data: Choose "Running" from the "Sports" drop-down list in the top navigation bar, or click the link for participation data on the left side of the screen.
    • Participation data is available from the SFIA for CORE Participants and CASUAL Participants segmented by age, gender, household income, and geographic region.

Statista database

Start with this recommended report and also explore the database for additional current statistics on running:

Euromonitor database

Recommended report: If you are prompted to login to Euromonitor, choose the "Single Sign On" option, then use your Bentley email address.

  • Footwear in the US - Country Report (June 2023)
    • While this report is not specifically for running or athletic footwear, it does provide some insight and analysis into that market. It also provides a glimpse at the competitive landscape, brand shares, and retail channel distribution.

Trade Associations, Professional Associations, and Other Organizations

Trade associations and professional organizations can be excellent sources for news, insights, reports, and data (although some information may only be available to members). Here are a few sources to get you started. Conduct your own internet research to see what else you can find. Don't forget to critically evaluate the sources you use.

Recommended reading:

Trade Associations & Publications to Bookmark and Follow: