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HNR440: Fall 2023 (Flynn)

This Bentley Library research guide has been prepared for students enrolled in HNR 440 with Professor Erin Flynn during Fall 2023.

MRI-Simmons Insights database

About MRI-Simmons Insights

MRI-Simmons Insights provides access to consumer demographic, psychographic, brand preference, and media data from the Simmons National Consumer Survey (NCS/NHCS). The survey provides access to over 60,000 data elements:

  • detailed consumer demographic data
  • products and services usage for over 8,000 brands in more than 500 categories
  • over 600 consumer attitudes, opinions, and segmentations
  • shopping and spending behavior
  • media and technology usage information
  • lifestyle segmentations

Access MRI-Simmons Insights: Use the link below to access the database. MRI-Simmons Insights allows a maximum of 20 simultaneous users. Please LOG OUT when you are finished using the database to free up space for others. During times of high usage the database may reach capacity and you will be prompted to try again later.

How to Use MRI-Simmons Insights

To learn how to use MRI-Simmons Insights to create and understand Quick Reports and Crosstabs please visit the MRI-Simmons How-To guide:

Recommended Demographic Quick Reports

Predefined Demographic Profile Quick Reports show demographic variables for your target, including Education, Ethnicity, Race, Household Income, Age, and Gender. Quick Reports can be generated with a variety of targets selected from the database.

Refer to the How-To guide (above) for help creating quick reports.

Demographic Profile Quick Reports

Try looking at these suggested target and then explore the database for additional data:

  • adults who state that they participate in jogging/running "every chance they get"
  • adults who have purchased jogging/running shoes in the past 12 months
  • adults who have spent under $100 jogging/run shoes in the past 12 months
  • adults who have spent $100-299 jogging/run shoes in the past 12 months

Not recommended:

  • adults who have spent $300-499 jogging/run shoes in the past 12 months (Notealmost all sample sizes are too small in this report to be valid)
  • adults who have spent $500 or more jogging/run shoes in the past 12 months (Noteall sample sizes are too small for this report to be valid)

Additional option: Customized Cross Tabs can be generated to analyze relationships between thousands of variables.  For example, you might select "adults who state that they jog/run "every chance they get" (column) and create a cross tab with age/sex, brands purchased, media usage, etc. (rows). See the How-To Guide for more information about cross tabs.