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HNR440: Fall 2023 (Flynn)

This Bentley Library research guide has been prepared for students enrolled in HNR 440 with Professor Erin Flynn during Fall 2023.

APA Style: Citation Tips and Examples

Visit the library's Citing Online Business Resources using APA Style for in-text citation and reference lists examples for library databases, websites, blog posts, social media platforms and more. Examples and guidelines for Figures is also provided.

Treat a PowerPoint presentation/pitch deck just like a research paper. You must properly cite your outside sources (websites, reports, articles, etc.) in your pitch decks. Follow the APA rules for in-text citations and references. Your References list should appear at the end of your deck as the final slide(s). 

Citing Images in APA Style - Rules & Modifications for HNR440

Citing Images - When is citation necessary?

Any images (photos, clip art, tables, charts, etc.)  you use in your presentation need to be cited with in-text citations and on the References list, except in the following cases:

  • they are photos you took yourself or images you created
  • they are photos or images from a site, program, or database that provides “copyright free” or “no attribution required” images (such as those provided in Canva and PowerPoint or on websites like Pixabay, Unsplash, and Burst, which all provide copyright free images).  A source that lists additional free image sites is the Copyright Free Images page from the University of Washington.
  • they are photos or images that are specifically marked with a Creative Commons “no attribution required” notice or an equivalent terms of use notice that makes it clear that attribution is not required

Citing Images - Special Rules & Modifications for HNR440

APA Style has specific rules about images, however Professor Flynn and I have made some modifications to these rules for corporate immersion presentations. The modifications take into account the highly visual nature of your presentations while preserving the need to attribute your sources. Consult the document posted below for more information.