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GB214 Team Project Library Research Guide

This Bentley Library research guide has been designed to assist you with your Value Creation Team Project.

Consumer & Market Research Databases

The resources listed here are the library's top consumer and market research databases. Use them to locate consumer demographic and psychographic information.

See also: MRI-Simmons Insights and Mosaic USA database information on this guide.
  • Search Tip #1: Find a Consumer Lifestyles Report:
    1. In the top navigation bar, click on [Consumers] and then click on [Lifestyles].
    2. Use the [Explore Analysis] section to select Lifestyles from the Category drop-down list, then select a country from the Geography drop-down list, and then choose Country Report from the Analysis drop-down list.
  • Search Tip #2: Look for consumer information in Industry Profiles and Category Briefings. There are a few different search options available on the main landing page:
    • Use the search box to keyword search the full database for data and analysis.
    • In the top navigation bar, click on [Industries] to select an industry, then use the [Explore Analysis] and [Explore Statistics] filters to narrow the search. Note: When choosing an analysis type, start with a Country Report (if available), then explore the other types of analysis.
    • Use the [Search Categories] option to browse the category tree using a drill-down menu and then choose a geography.
  • Tip: IBIS World industry reports often include some consumer and demographic data and trends. Review each report thoroughly, but the Industry Performance, Industry Outlook, and Products and Markets sections are good places to look for this information.
  • Tip: Use DemographicsNow to get Simmons National Consumer Study data for a geographic area. The Simmons National Consumer Study gathers information on the lifestyles, media habits and product/brand preferences of American families. Create summary, comparison or ranking reports for locations.​