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EXP201: Mulder (Spring 2022)

This guide was specifically created to point out resources to assist students as they conduct their research assignment in EXP201 during the Spring 2022 semester.

Suggested Keywords and Tips

Here are some examples of search terms that you might use depending on the prompt you choose and your topic. These lists are not exhaustive, but should help you get started! What other keywords can you come up with?

As you review search results and read articles:

  • Look for the controlled vocabulary that the database uses. Controlled vocabulary is a set of assigned terms to describe an item that are used consistently across the tool to make searching easier. These can be described as subjects, subject terms, or thesaurus terms.
  • Identify discipline terminology and jargon. How does the specific field you are researching in refer to a topic or idea? 
  • Keep a list of search terms that you find to be useful for your topic/question that you can use to search various tools to find information and resources. Consider broader, narrower, and similar terms.
  • See the search construction and tips page for information on how to effectively combine search terms and construct a search using Boolean operators.

Suggested Search Terms

  • name of the piece of popular art (film, music video, album)
  • name of the artist or director
  • criticism OR interpretation
  • words that describe an issue/theme (e.g. gender, women, power, race, racism, stereotypes, culture, diversity, etc).
  • words that describe a technology, device, or platform
  • words that describe a production technique or software
  • genre
  • "social aspects"
  • "psychological aspects"
  • "motion picture" OR film
  • "music video"
  • "popular culture"

Brainstorming Worksheet