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Researching Employers: Researching Employers

This guide is designed to assist members of the Bentley University community in researching employers using the Library's resources.


Researching prospective employers is a vital step in the job search process.

Research can help you to:

  • Develop a list of employers to target in your job search.
  • Prepare for an interview with a prospective employer.

Being able to converse intelligently about the company you are interviewing with will create a favorable impression.

Types of Information to Research:

  • The company`s status (public, private or nonprofit)
  • Size and structure of the organization
  • Headquarters and branch locations
  • Potential new and already existing products or services
  • Management philosophy and style
  • Promotional path
  • Potential new and already existing products or services
  • Type of training programs
  • Financial health of the organization
  • Trends and issues in the industry
  • Relationship of the organization to its competitors
  • Current news stories

Click here to view the Researching Employers Workshop presentation.

Different types of resources and access levels are indicated by:

  • Print Resources are located in the Library`s Reference Collection or behind the Reference Desk. These materials are for in library use only.
  • Electronic Resources are subscription databases. These resources are available to members of the Bentley Community on-campus. Off-campus access is available by using your Bentley e-mail address and network password.
  • Websites are internet resources that are free.

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