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RefWorks and EndNote Research Guide: New Refworks

This guide provides information on citing sources and managing references with RefWorks and EndNote.


The following are instructions for the new version of RefWorks.  The new version of RefWorks offers many features not in the legacy version that will make your research and writing easier at Bentley.  For example, there are drag and drop plugins to add and manage your references by mouse.  But you will need to learn about and learn how to use those features.  


If you have been using RefWorks prior to Spring 2019, you may be more comfortable with the legacy version.  We suggest two options for you.  One, you can keep working in your current account while you read and learn about the new RefWorks.  Then once you feel that you can use it, you can upgrade from within the legacy RefWorks.  Be careful, after you upgrade you cannot return to using the legacy version.


Two, you can create a separate account for the new version while maintaining your legacy account.  And while you become acquainted with your new RefWorks account by using it and reading documentation, you can keep working in the legacy RefWorks.  Then once you are confident with the New RefWorks, you can import all of your non-duplicate references that are in your legacy account from within your New RefWorks account.   


**To upgrade from within your legacy account, see the "Upgrading to the New RefWorks."

**To import references from your legacy RefWorks account, please see the relevant section in "Managing References."

**For information on how to use the legacy Refworks, see the page labelled "Legacy RefWorks." 


Getting Started

Step 1: Create a RefWorks Account

Go to the new RefWorks site and under Use login from my institution, click on Create account. When creating an account use your Bentley University email address.

Step 2: Learn to use RefWorks via short videos available from RefWorks YouTube Channel or The Getting Started manual document available for download below 

Managing References

Upgrading to the New RefWorks