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GB320: Pests - Fall 2018 - Sections EB1, EB2, EB3, 010, 011 & 012 (Elwell, Lanoue, McCormack, Sambare & Morin)

Market & Industry Analysis: Key Reports to Read Before Exploring Other Tabs

After reading your assignment, please access and read the following reports & surveys to gain insight and a common vocabulary for your company's lines of business.

  • Be$t customers: Demographics of consumer demand (12th ed.). (2018). East Patchogue, NY: New Strategist Press.
  • Euromonitor International. (2018, February). Home Insecticides in the US. Retrieved August 14, 2018, from Euromonitor Passport database.
  • Amir, A. (2018, April). Pest Control in the US: IBISWorld industry report 56171. Retrieved from IBISWorld database.

* Please note that additional IBIS reports will be of interest such as different Industries that could be potential commercial customers.
* Please note that there is a RED pdf option at the top of each report that lets you download the whole report.

  • Guinaugh, O. (2018, September). Pest Control and Repellents -- US. Retrieved from Mintel Reports database.

* Please note that additional Mintel reports could be of interest.

  • Pest control in the U.S. Dossier. (n.d.) [Power Point]. Retrieved August 13, 2018, from Statista database.

* Please note that additional Statista reports will be of interest.