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GB320:CafeandDonuts - (Spring 2020) Sections 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12 (Elwell, Constantino, Sambare, Lanoue, Young & Morin)

Customer Analysis -- Recommended Databases

Start with the Read Me First materials. Especially the Mintel reports and the Hardcopy reference books On Reserve at Library Services.

Mediamark Reporter (More information): Consumer Survey Data

New Users Start Here:

  1. Create a Mediamark account following the instructions in the box below.
  2. Change your default target settings to add ALL available targets to your default settings.
  3. Download the How to Read a Mediamark Report document will explain how to read the data you retrieve.

After completing the steps listed in the box above, search the Mediamark database for consumer survey data for doughnuts: 

  1. login to the Mediamark database
  2. select University Reporter
  3. select Spring 2018 GfK Reporter MRI

Browse to this category and/or conduct your own keyword searches for restaurants, etc.:

  • Household Products > Food products > Ready to Eat Doughnuts > Report

 Note: red text (or † symbol) on a report indicates unweighted count of 50 or less, which means that the data is not reliable for that question. 

Demographics Now (More information)


Use DemographicsNow to get

  • Complete Demographic Comparison Report,
  • Consumer Expenditure Survey
  • Mosaic Comparison Reports,
  • Simmons Lifestyle Demographics & Statements Comparison Report.

Create summary, comparison or ranking reports for different geographic locations, maybe compare states or regions.

About MosaicUSA Consumer Segmentation: The DemographicsNow database contains MosaicUSA consumer segmentation profiles. MosaicUSA describes/classifies American consumers in 71 types and 19 overarching groupings that share similar demographic and socioeconomic characteristics. Get detailed information about the sociodemographics, lifestyles, behaviors and culture of consumers within each of the 19 groups and 71 segments. For an overview of MosaicUSA, take a look at the MosaicUSA Guide and the MosaicUSA Handbook.

Find the MosaicUSA profile descriptions in DemographicsNow:

  1. go to the Demographics Now database
  2. click on the menu icon in the top right corner 
  3. click HELP
  4. scroll down to view [Mosaic USA Details]. You will see links to the 19 MosaicUSA group profiles and the 71 MosaicUSA segment descriptions.

About Simmons National Consumer Study gathers information on the lifestyles, media habits and product/brand preferences of American families. More information about Simmons is available in DemographicsNow:

  1. go to the Demographics Now database
  2. click on the menu icon in top right corner 
  3. click HELP
  4. scroll to Data Methodology Documents > Simmons Help Documentation.