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GB320:CafeandDonuts - (Spring 2020) Sections 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12 (Elwell, Constantino, Sambare, Lanoue, Young & Morin)

Market & Industry Analysis: Key Reports to Read Before Exploring Other Tabs

After reading through your assignment, please access the below 4 databases & 4 books (on reserve at Library Services) and explore the reports & surveys highlighted to gain insight and a common vocabulary for your company's lines of business, markets & customers.

  • Kumar, T. (2019, May). Doughnut stores in the US: IBISWorld industry report OD4315. Retrieved from IBISWorld database.
  • Hyland, R. (2019, June). Coffee & snack shops in the US: IBISWorld industry report 72221b. Retrieved from IBISWorld database.
  • Kumar, T. (2019, April). Bakery cafes in the US: IBISWorld industry report OD4319. Retrieved from IBISWorld database.

* Please note that additional IBIS reports will be of interest depending on how your project develops.
* Please note that there is a dropdown arrow to the right of the Report Title that lets you download the report in pdf and/or excel.

  • Spencer, H. (2019, September). Restaurant breakfast and brunch trends - US. Retrieved from Mintel Reports database.
  • Spencer, H. (2019, January). Snacking in foodservice - US. Retrieved from Mintel Reports database.
  • Spencer, H. (2019, February). Fast Casual Restaurants - US. Retrieved from Mintel Reports database.
  • Smith, D. (2019, September). Shopping malls - US. Retrieved from Mintel Reports database.

* Please note that additional Mintel reports could be of interest (i.e. In-Store Bakeries -- US).

  • Miller, R. K., & Washington, K. (2020). Restaurant, food & beverage market research handbook 2020-2021. Miramar, FL: Richard K. Miller & Associates.
  • Miller, R. K., & Washington, K. (2020). Consumer use of the internet & mobile web 2020-2021. Miramar, FL: Richard K. Miller & Associates.
  • Statista Research Dept. (2019, August 20). U.S. population: Consumption of donuts / doughnuts from 2011 to 2023. Retrieved December 16, 2020 from Statista database.

* Please note that additional Statista reports will be of interest.

Hardcopy reference books On Reserve at Library Services Desk.

  • New Strategist Press (Eds). (2018). Be$t customers: Demographics of consumer demand. New York: New Strategist Press. (12th ed., pp. 597-623).
    • Based on 2014 survey data.
  • New Strategist Press (Eds). (2018). Who's buying at restaurants & carry-outs. New York: New Strategist Press. (13th ed.).
    • Also based on 2014 survey data but presented differently.
  • National Restaurant Association (Eds.). (2019). State of the restaurant Industry. Washington, D. C.: National Restaurant Association. Whole document posted on your blackboard site.
  • Business Brokerage Press (Eds.). (2019). Business reference guide: The essential guide to pricing businesses and franchises. Concord, MA: Business Brokerage Press, (pp. 591-610).
    • Look for updated IBIS information in IBIS World Reports above.
    • 2020 edition just arrived and is now also on Reserve at Library Services desk. Sections scanned and posted on blackboard.

If you have any questions about the calculations or definitions of information in these books, look at the introductory information and/or speak with a Reference Librarian or your Professors. Scanners are available in the Library.