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GB320: Pests - Fall 2018 - Sections EB1, EB2, EB3, 010, 011 & 012 (Elwell, Lanoue, McCormack, Sambare & Morin)

Customer Analysis -- Residential -- Recommended Sources

Check out the normal sources your consumer may access such as Google Maps, Yelp, Angie's List, etc.

Claritas Segmentation & Market Solutions via SRDS

You can use Claritas Segmentation & Market Solutions (formerly Nielsen Segmentation & Market Solutions) to develop custom reports based on demographics and Nielsen information. Users can access pre-defined report templates to generate Pop-Facts Demographics Reports (Effective Buying Income; Pop-Facts Demographics; Pop-Facts Demographics By Age Race Sex; Pop-Facts Demographics Trend; Pop-Facts Executive Summary; Pop-Facts Household Income By Age of Householder and Senior Life) and Segmentation Reports (Consumer Concentration; Market Potential; Profile Ranking Index; Profile Worksheet; Segment Distribution; Target Concentration; Target Segment Measures). Segmentation reports include PRIZM Social Groups and PRIZM Lifestage Group.

To get to this database:

  • Click the link to Nielsen (Claritas) Segmentation & Market Solutions above. This will bring you to the SRDS platform.
  • In the sidebar to the left, click the link to Claritas Segmentation & Market Solutions.
  • The home page for Claritas has a number of help and tutorial features available if you would like to explore.
  • When you're ready to enter the database, click the Login to Claritas SMS.

To use this database:

You will be brought to the main dashboard page. To start compiling a new report, go to Create Content.

Claritas Dashboard View Create Content

There are multiple report options to choose from. If you click the "?" icon to the right of each template link you can go to the Help pages for each report find out more about what that report can do, options available, data explanations, and how various measures are calculated.

As an example, we will create a Market Potential report. The Market Potential report is located in the Segmentation Reports groupings. The Market Potential Report allows you to investigate consumption trends and patterns for a particular geographic area (whole US, state, county, & Nielsen DMA). A Market Potential Index is calculated by looking at customer potential based on penetration rates of products or services. Please be aware that the Market Potential is indicated by an index number rather than dollar amounts and does not take into consideration market saturation.


Claritas Create Content Dashboard

Very Important! After you create a report and save a copy for yourself, you need to go to the My Content list and select the report you just created (likely will be the one on the top of the list) and delete it.

Customer Analysis -- Commercial -- Recommended Sources

Check out the normal sources your business consumer may access such as Google Maps, Yelp, Angie's List, etc.