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Created to support green business, and sustainability topics

E-Resources for renewable energy - WATER

Use Bentley coordinates to access these. Successful keywords for are water, hydroelectric, production 

Sources for other renewable energy - Solar, Biomass, Geothermal, or ???

Search this database for its whole collection for info on most every type of renewable energy or sample 2 of its e-books below

Streaming films - ENERGY

Browse streaming videos on energy


Air or water --> Pollution

Air or water --> Energy

Air or water --> Consumption & public health

Free resources on Renewable energy - AIR

Define the word "research"

Green dot In the library context the term research is most often used to mean "information gathering" or "collecting literature" on a topic. Compare this to the applied sciences, where research usually means "laboratory or field work" to build empirical knowledge.  

This guide aids information gathering, and can also inform scientific exploration. The sky is the limit!