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Streaming Films : Kanopy

Help with Kanopy


is a streaming films database specializing in critically acclaimed feature films and award-winning documentaries on political, social, and cultural topics.

Some of the well known producers whose films are available through Kanopy are:

  • Criterion Collection
  • Media Education Foundation
  • Kino Lorber
  • New Day Films

—After setting up an account, you can create your own specific clips from existing films which can be shown in class our embedded in Blackboard
—Keyword searching is the primary search method, and search results are broken down into faceted categories such as subject, producer, filmmaker, and year of production


Posting Films in Blackboard

To post content from Kanopy into your course Blackboard site, follow these steps:

1. To begin, select the film you wish to use. Locate the URL link for the film. In the Kanopy database, you will first need to click on "Share/Embed".

2. Copy the link that appears in the box.

3. Next, you will need to convert this link to a proxy url to enable off-campus access. To do this, paste the link into the Proxy URL Generator and click convert. The resulting link features the proxy url as a prefix, with the url for the film immediately following it. Now copy this link.

4. Now open your Blackboard site. Once you determine in what content area the film should appear, hover over "Build Content" and select "Web Link".

5. Enter title and then paste the copied URL and click submit. The film should now be posted.