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GB214 Team Project Library Research Guide: Operations Analysis

This Bentley Library research guide has been designed to assist you with your Value Creation Team Project.

1. Use Industry Surveys for Analysis and Information

Industry surveys provide information and analysis that will further your understanding of the company you are researching.  Industry surveys provide perspective on how the industry as a whole is structured, how it operates, and who the key players are.  They will often also describe external drivers, current performance and future trends.

2. Use Articles to Research a Company/Product/Service

Search for articles that discuss the company and product/service that you have chosen. Articles from magazines, trade publications and journals will provide a variety of levels of analysis. Use ALL of the databases listed below. 

Look in the box below for suggested keywords and search tips!

Use the Right Keywords!

Use the names of products, companies, competitors, and/or industries as keywords in conjunction with the keywords below.   Experiment with a variety of combinations! Here are a few examples:

  •  JetBlue and strategy
  •  JetBlue and operations and management
  • "airline industry" and "supply chain"

Other keyword suggestions:

  • operations
  • management
  • “operations management”
  • strategy
  • “business strategy”
  • "strategic planning"
  • “business planning”
  • "supply chain"
  • "supply chain management"
  • "decision making"
  • "industrial management"
  • logistics
  • "business logistics"    
  • “inventory management”
  • “quality control”
  • distribution
  • “vertical integration”
  • “forward integration”
  • “downstream integration”
  • “backward integration”
  • “upstream integration”
  • fulfillment

Search Strategy:  

Databases and browsers may have different interfaces, but they often share similar searching principles for using keywords and constructing a search strategy. For an introduction or review of basic searching see the Search Tips page.