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New Product Planning & Marketing Research Guide

This Bentley Library research guide was created to provide a starting point for researching new products.

New Products in the News: Key Databases for Articles & Press Releases

Information about new product launches can often be found within company press releases and articles from trade publications and magazines.  The databases listed below are the best sources for finding this information. Take a look at all of the keyword search suggestions in the right sidebar.  You may choose to search for news about a particular company's new products, or to search for news about new products within an industry.

Here are two search examples using the ABI Inform Global Database (ProQuest): The first looks for articles about PepsiCo's new products and the second looks for new products in the "soft drink" industry.


ABI Inform Trade and Industry contains more than 750 business periodicals and newsletters with a trade or industry focus. Provides users with industry news, product and competitive information, marketing trends, and a wide variety of other topics.  ABI Inform Global provides access to business journals, magazines and trade publications.  Tip: These databases may be searched simultaneously.

In addition to providing access to MarketLine reports, Business Source Premier is an excellent resource for journal, magazine and trade publication articles.

Use the Right Keywords!

Suggested Keywords:
  • "new product"
  • product
  • launch
  • "product introduction"
  • packaging
  • design
  • remerchandising
  • "brand extension"
  • "product development"
  • "product management"
  • "product life cycle"
  • "product innovation"
  • "product failure"
  • consumers
  • trends
  • marketing
  • advertising
  • market
  • "market development"
  • "market testing"
  • "test markets"
  • "test marketing"
  • "market share"
  • competitors
  • "market segment"
  • pricing
Product/Industry Specific Keywords

Use the names of products, companies, competitors and industries as search terms.

Search Using Industry Classification Codes

Some databases will allow you to use NAICS and SIC industry codes as search terms. Learn more about NAICS & SIC Codes.

Search Strategy

Databases and browsers may have different interfaces, but they often share similar searching principles for using keywords and constructing a search strategy. For an introduction or review of basic searching see the Search Tips page.