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New Product Planning & Marketing Research Guide

This Bentley Library research guide was created to provide a starting point for researching new products.

Key Databases for Finding New Products

Want to know what new products have been launched within an industry or by a specific company? Here are a few key databases to use:

  Mintel Market Research Reports

Use Mintel to retrieve market research reports, consumer lifestyles and lifestages reports. All Market Research reports reports include information on new products. 

Search Tip: Start by choosing a product report (for example: Carbonated Beverages) and either explore the table of contents OR keyword search the report using the phrase "new products".  Also, notice the news updates/headlines provides for each report (located on the right side of the page).

MarketLine Reports via Business Source Complete (EBSCOhost)

MarketLine/Datamonitor provides different types of reports:

  • MarketWatch Reports (monthly reports that include a "New Product Review" section)
  • Company Profiles (including SWOT analysis) 
  • Industry Profiles

Search Tip #1: Start with the MarketWatch Reports.  Reports are available for Automotive, Drinks, Energy, Financial Services, Food, Personal Care, Technology and Telecoms.  There is a also a "Global Round-up" report.

  • On the right side of the page, under [Browse], click on [Market Research Reports].
  • In the [All Publications] box type MarketWatch, select [By Title, Subject & Description] and click [Browse].
  • Find the appropriate MarketWatch Report and click on it to select it.
  • You now have two options:
    • Browse the individual issues by using the issue selector on the right side of the page.  Each issue will have a section titled "New Product Review".
    • Search all issues using a keyword (company name, product name, etc.) by clicking on [Search Within this Publication].

Search Tip #2: Next, check the Company Profile.  Often, the SWOT Analysis section of the MarketLine Company Profiles will highlight new products and or brand extensions.

  • Starting on the main search screen, click on [Company Profiles] on the right side of the page.
  • Enter the company name in the search box and click [Browse].
  • Locate your company in the list and click on [MarketLine Report]. Reports include information on products and services as well as a SWOT analysis (for most public companies)

 Euromonitor Passport

Euromonitor contains company and industry profiles that can be used to glean information about new products and product innovations. 


Search Tip #1: Find Industry Profiles and Category Briefings

  • There are many different search options available on the main landing page. No matter which search path you follow, we recommend that you start with those reports classified as [Category Briefing] or [Industry Overview], then look at related statistics, opinion pieces, datagraphics, etc.  Check out these four different search paths.
    • The Search Full Tree option allows you to search for data and analysis using a vertical hierarchical tree. Select [Categories and Topics], click [Go], then follow the prompts to build a targeted search.
    • The Browse Tree option allows you to search for data and analysis using a horizontal tree. Select [Categories and Topics], click [Go], then follow the prompts to build a targeted search.
    • The Find Analysis option allows you to quickly find relevant analysis by industry or topic. Use the drop-down boxes to pick an industry and geography.
    • In the top navigation bar, hover over [Industries] to select an industry, then use the various filters provided to narrow the search.

Search Tip #2: Find Company Profiles:

  • In the top navigation bar, click on [Companies], then search for a company by name. After you've performed a search, look for the [Local Company Profile] or [Global Company Profile] report. (Not all companies will have a company profile)