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Management Research: Finding Books

This guide is designed to help you get started doing management research using Library resources and services

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Search Tips for Finding Books on Management

You can use the library's catalog to find many books and other materials on management topics. Follow the search strategy below that fits your topic best.

1. Keyword searching

To explore a management topic, try a keyword search in the library's catalog.  Depending on your topic one or multiple keywords might be necessary.  For example, if you were looking for information on scientific management, you might use the following keywords in your search:

  • "scientific management"
  • Taylorism
  • "Frederick Winslow Taylor"
  • "shop management"
  • "classical perspective"

Be sure to use quotation marks around your keywords if you're searching for a specific phrase or term

Using multiple keywords in the same search can often help you find books and other materials on more focused topics within management. For example, if you were looking for information on the relationship between management and business ethics, the following keyword combinations might be helpful:

  • management AND "business ethics"
  • leadership AND "business ethics"
  • management AND "corporate social responsibility"
  • power AND ethics

2. Subject searching

Use the subject search option to find all materials related to a broad or specific management topic.

The above search would bring up the following list of management subject headings, including the broadest heading of management and a list a 1000 subject headings on more focused subjects within management.  Clicking on the subject heading links will take you to the list of books and other materials associated with that subject heading.

Search for Items Beyond Bentley Library

Want to broaden your search to find even more materials? You can search for resources from libraries around the world using

You can also try searching Google Books.

If you find an item in WorldCat or Google Books that the Bentley Library does not own, you can request for that item to be sent here for you to borrow. Use our Interlibrary Loan system to request materials from other libraries.

Books 24x7

Search for access to various business and IT eBook titles subscribed to by the Bentley Library. You will need to enter your Bentley credentials to access.

Note: Titles from Books24x7 are also searchable in the Bentley Library Catalog.