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Consumers & Market Segments Research Guide

This Bentley Library research guide was created to provide a starting point for researching consumers and market segments.

Consumer Expenditures

These resources provide information on consumer shopping and spending patterns.

From the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), provides expenditure data organized by various demographic characteristics such as age, family size, race, income, etc. Data provided back to 1984.

Although Consumer Expenditure Survey tables are available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, users may find that DemographicsNow has a more intuitive interface and better built-in report options than the BLS site. Use DemographcisNow to get current year CEX estimates and 5-year projections for any U.S. geographic area. Data is provided by AGS and is based on extensive modeling of the BLS' Consumer Expenditure Survey.

Based on unpublished data from the BLS' Consumer Expenditure Survey. Examines Americans' spending on 1,000 products and services organized by age, income, household type, and geographic region.

Provides detailed consumer expenditure data for 71 countries.
Search Tip: Click on [Consumers], then click on [Income & Expenditures]. Under the [Analysis Finder] section, use the [Choose a Geography...] drop-down box to select a country. Look for the "Income and Expenditure Country Briefing" for the country you've chosen.

Based on unpublished data from the BLS. There are 14 individual titles in this series, each focusing on a different category (e.g. entertainment, groceries, travel, restaurants, etc.)

  • Best Customers: Demographics of Consumer Demand
    Location: Reference Desk HC110 .C6 B452 [Click to view in catalog]

    Analyzes spending on more than 300 products/services. Identifies which households spend the most (best customers) and which control the largest share of spending (biggest customers).

Tip: Check the Consumer Behavior handbook for consumer demographic data and analysis of consumer segments, spending and behaviors.   

Based on unpublished data from the BLS' Consumer Expenditure Survey, American Buyers includes weekly and quarterly buying that shows the percentage of households that buy individual products and services and how much buyers pay for them, all broken down by age, household income, household type, race and Hispanic origin, region of residence, and education.