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HI 350.2 - Serfs, Slaves and Sojourners: The Minority Experience in America (Dickson) - Spring 2020

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With over 154,000 books & 8,000 DVDs & Videos in the Bentley University Library's Collection, the Library Catalog is a great place to find primary and secondary sources for your project.

  • Search tips are available to help you formulate a more relevant search query.
  • Possible keywords you can use to find primary sources include: Sources, Personal Narratives, Diaries, Correspondence, Documentaries, Interview(s), Letters OR Testimony.
  • Look in the appendices & exhibits of books to view excerpts of diaries, interviews & facsimiles (primary sources). 
  • The Bentley Library Catalog also includes a number of government documents (primary sources).
  • You can also look in the bibliographies of books you find to identify other sources of information you will want to explore.

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If you find an item (book, article, book chapter, etc.) in WorldCat, one of the databases, Google Scholar, or online that the Bentley Library does not own, you can request for that item to be sent here for you to borrow. Use our Interlibrary Loan system to request materials from other libraries.

Interlibrary Loan will not be able to obtain e-books, the full issue of a journal, reference books, and may not be able to obtain DVD/Videos, audio books, conference proceedings, dissertations, or case studies.

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Did you know that Bentley Library is a member of the Boston Library Consortium? Find out how to borrow materials with a BLC card!