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HI 350.2 - Serfs, Slaves and Sojourners: The Minority Experience in America (Dickson) - Spring 2020

Reference Books

Why use Reference Books?

Locating background information in general and subject specific encyclopedias and dictionaries and other reference resources will help you put information in context.

Consulting reference materials will help you:

  • Get an overview of the subject.
  • Note key concepts/developments.
  • Identify significant authors.
  • See a chronology/timeline.
  • Discern connections/interrelationships with other developments.
  • Develop a list of search terms.
  • Obtain primary sources.
  • Use the bibliographies to locate other information on your topic.

Below are some suggested resources to get you started. Search the Library Catalog to find more titles of interest or Ask a Librarian who can recommend resources for your specific topic:

General Books

Below are selected books from the library collection that discuss broadly the issue of race and the minority experience in the United States.