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GB320: OTC - Spring 2018 - Sections EB1, EB2, EB3, 010, 011 & 012 (Elwell, Clever, Sambare, Bravo, Chinca & Morin)

Information resources to help you with Assignment 1 of the GB320 Integrated Business Project course.

Market & Industry Analysis: Key Reports to Read Before Exploring Other Tabs

After reading your assignment, please access and read the following reports & surveys to gain insight and a common vocabulary for your company's lines of business.

Business reference guide: The essential guide to pricing businesses and franchises (27th ed.). (2017). Concord, MA: Business Brokerage Press, pp. 588-591.
A scan of pages from this hardcopy book is posted on your blackboard course site under Secondary Research in the Library Resources folder. Please note that you may want to consult the introduction of the hardcopy version to help explain some of the calculations from the scanned sections. It is available at the Reference Desk.

  • DeSalva, A. (2017, May). Drug store retailing -- US. Retrieved from Mintel Reports database.
  • Macke, D. (2017, April). American lifestyles: Finding common ground -- US. Retrieved from Mintel Reports database.
  • Vyleta, J. (2017, December). Natural and organic personal care consumer - US. Retrieved from Mintel Reports database.
  • Vyleta, J. (2017, September). Vitamins, minerals & supplements - US. Retrieved from Mintel Reports database.

* Please note that additional Mintel reports will be of interest.

  • Guattery, M. (2017, November). Health stores in the US: IBISWorld industry report 44619. Retrieved from IBISWorld database.
  • Hoffman, E. (2017, January).  Pharmacies & drug stores in the US: IBISWorld industry report 44611. Retrieved from IBISWorld database.
  • Hurley, M. (2016, November). Health food & supplement store franchises in the US: IBISWorld Industry Report OD6010. Retrieved from IBISWorld database.
  • IBISWorld. (2017, November). Vitamin & supplement manufacturing in the US: US industry iExpert summary 32541d. Retrieved from IBISWorld database.
  • Stivaros, C. (2016, August). Pharmacy & drug store franchises in the US: IBISWorld industry report OD5589. Retrieved from IBISWorld database.
  • Oliver, K. (2017, July). Compounding Pharmacies in the US: IBISWorld industry report OD5706. Retrieved from IBISWorld database.
  • Yucel, I. (2017, January). Online vitamin & supplement sales in the US: IBISWorld industry report OD5091. Retrieved from IBISWorld database.

* Please note that additional IBIS reports will be of interest.
* Please note that there is a RED pdf option at the top of each report that lets you download the whole report.

  • Consumer Market Outlook. (n.d.). OTC Pharmaceuticals -- United States. Retrieved January 8, 2018, from Statista database.

To retrieve the above Statista Report, look under the Consumer Markets dropdown menu, click on OTC Pharmaceuticals and then choose United States.

* Please note that additional Statista reports will be of interest.