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DCP305 Marketing Essentials: Industry Surveys & Market Research Reports

This research guide has been created to assist students enrolled in DCP305 Marketing Essentials with the Marketing Plan Project.

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The databases on this page provide industry analysis, consumer market research reports, data and statistics. Use these resources to learn about industry and market trends.

  1. Best Sources for Most Industries
  2. Technology Industries
  3. Sports Industry

1. Best Sources for Most Industries

These are the best library resources for retrieving industry surveys and market research reports for most industries. However, databases are often selective in which industries they choose to cover. The industry you are researching may not necessarily appear in every one of the databases listed here. 

Please contact the Reference Desk if you need further assistance with identifying which database will contain a survey for the industry you are researching.

IBISWorld Industry ReportsIBIS World Industry Research Reports 

IBISWorld provides reports for 700+ U.S. industries as categorized by NAICS.

Mintel Mintel Reports 

Market research reports focusing on consumer products. Also contains excellent consumer lifestyle reports.


Euromonitor Passport Euromonitor Passport

Search Tip: There are many different search options available on the main landing page. No matter which search path you follow, we recommend that you start with those reports classified as Category Briefing or Industry Overview, then look at related statistics, opinion pieces, datagraphics, etc. 

Check out these different search paths:

  • Use the Search Full Tree or Browse Tree options to find analysis using a vertical or horizontal tree. Select [Categories and Topics], click [Go], then follow the prompts to build a targeted search.
  • Use the Find Analysis box to quickly find relevant analysis by industry or topic. Use the drop-down boxes to pick an industry and geography.
  • In the top navigation bar, hover over [Industries] to select an industry, then use the various filters provided to narrow the search. Provides over industry reports and category briefings for the United States and dozens of other countries. Also provides excellent consumer lifestyles information.

MarketLine Industry ProfilesMarketLine Industry Profiles via Business Source Complete (EBSCO) 

MarketLine Industry Profiles contain a Five Forces Analysis.

  • Search Tip: Use the Advanced Search screen to search for [your topic] AND marketline AND "industry profile". 
    For example: software AND marketline AND "industry profile"
  • Search Tip: Click on the [Industry Profiles] link. Select the "View By" [All Profiles] tab. In the search box, type the name of the industry (for example, software) and then select radio button [By Title, Subject and Description]. Click on [Browse].

Standard & Poor's Net Advantage Industry Surveys Standard & Poor's Industry Surveys via S&P's Net Advantage 

Search Tip: Click on [Industries]. Use the drop-down box select your industry, OR, enter a company's name in the search box. The latest industry survey will be retrieved; archived surveys are available using the drop-down box at top of the page

Statista Statista 


Statista is a statistics portal, aggregating data on over 80,000 topics from over 18,000 sources. Statista categorizes data into 21 market sectors — including, E-Commerce, Consumer Goods, Media & Advertising, and Technology & Communications. In addition to statistics, this database includes hundreds of industry reports and dossiers, market forecasts and infographics.



Focusing on digital marketing, advertising, media and ecommerce, eMarketer aggregates information from over 4,000 sources. eMarketer access includes: reports & analysis; data; media trends; consumer demographics and behavior; device usage; and company data (ad spending, social media stats, ecommerce sales, store productivity, revenues and more). Coverage extends across 100 countries, including proprietary metrics for 40 core countries.‚Äč

Richard K. Miller & Associates (RKMA) - Market Research Handbooks 


Annual handbooks summarizing latest consumer market research. Handbooks available:

  • Business-to-Business Marketing
  • Casinos, Gaming & Wagering
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Consumer Marketing
  • Entertainment, Media & Advertising Market Research Handbook
  • Healthcare Business Market Research Handbook
  • International Consumer Markets
  • Leisure Market Research Handbook
  • Restaurant, Food & Beverage Market Research Handbook
  • Retail Business Market Research Handbook
  • Sports Marketing
  • Travel & Tourism Market Research Handbook

2. Technology Industries

 Forrester Research

Please Note: Forrester Research requires a special user name and password! You must contact the Reference Desk at to obtain the user name and password.

Forrester is an independent technology and market research company that produces current, in-depth research and analysis reports about technology`s impact on business and consumers. Use Forrester for researching the following markets: Automotive; Consumer Products; Financial Services; Government; Healthcare & Life Sciences; High-Tech; Manufacturing; Marketing & Advertising; Media & Entertainment; Mobile Communications; Professional Services; Retail; Telecommunications; Transportation & Logistics; and Travel.

Gartner Gartner Group Research

Please Note: Both on-campus and off-campus users will be prompted to enter a Bentley user name and password to access the Gartner database. 

Gartner Group provides research and analysis on the global IT industry. This database includes research reports, current news, trends, company information and product information.

Search Tip: Bentley University does not have access to the entire Gartner database. Users may want to do an [Advanced Search] and select the limiter [Research You Own].

3. Sports Industry

 Sports Market Analytics (SBRNet)


SBRnet (Sports Business Research Network) covers all facets of the sports industry and professional, college and consumer sports markets. Information includes sport participation, fan profiles, sports facilities, sport finance, sales of sporting goods and apparel, sponsorship, marketing, media, brand share and social media usage.