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DCP305 Marketing Essentials: Consumer Demographics

This research guide has been created to assist students enrolled in DCP305 Marketing Essentials with the Marketing Plan Project.

On This Page

Use the resources on this page to find population and household demographic information for the geographic area you are researching. 

  1. DemographicsNow database (includes access to Mosaic USA consumer segment profiles)
  2. American FactFinder, the portal to the U.S. Census

1. DemographicsNow database

DemographicsNow logo DemographicsNow database (includes Mosaic USA consumer segments)


Find U.S. Census population and household data, consumer expenditure (CEX) reports, Mosaic USA* lifestyle reports, Simmons** consumer studies, and more for a wide variety of geographic areas. A custom area can also be created using radius or drive time. 


Go to the DemographicsNow database:

  1. Click on the Demographics tab at the top of the page.
  2. Enter a Geography:
    • Search for a specific address in the search box (e.g. 239 Moody Street, Waltham, MA), or click Options to select a geographic area. To enter multiple addresses, use the "create locations" option. 
  3. Select a Report Type:
    • Summary reports: deliver demographic information on a single geographic area or on a group of geographic areas summarized into a single value.
    • Comparison reports: display multiple geographies as columns, so you can easily see how geographies compare to one another. You may include up to 16 geographies on a single report.
    • Rank reports: sort geographies based on a single demographic variable from high to low.
  4. Choose a Report from the drop-down box. Report options will change depending upon the report type selected, but general report options include demographic reports, consumer expenditure (CEX) reports, Mosaic USA* segmentation reports, Simmons** consumer reports, retail sales potential reports and business comparison.  
  5. Use the Download button to download results to Excel, Word, PDF and more.

The Demographics search interface:

*About Mosaic USA consumer segmentation reports:

Mosaic USA from Experian Marketing Services classifies and describes American consumers in 71 types and 19 overarching groupings that share similar demographic and socioeconomic characteristics. Get detailed information about the sociodemographics, lifestyles, behaviors and culture of consumers within each of the 19 groups and 71 segments. Full Mosaic USA profile descriptions are available in DemographicsNow. To retrieve the profiles:

  1. go to the Demographics Now database
  2. click on the menu icon in the top right corner 
  3. click HELP
  4. scroll down to view [Mosaic USA Details]. You will see links to the 19 MosaicUSA group profiles and the 71 MosaicUSA segment descriptions. For an overview of MosaicUSA, take a look at the MosaicUSA Guide and the MosaicUSA Handbook.

**About Simmons consumer reports:

The Simmons National Consumer Study gathers information on the lifestyles, media habits and product/brand preferences of American families. More information about Simmons is available in DemographicsNow:

  1. go to the Demographics Now database
  2. click on the menu icon in top right corner 
  3. click HELP
  4. scroll to Data Methodology Documents > Simmons Help Documentation. You can also learn about the study at


2. American FactFinder

 American FactFinder

American FactFinder is the official gateway to United States Census population, housing, economic, and geographic data. Data sources include the Decennial Census, American Community Survey, Population Estimates Program, Economic Census and  Annual Economic Surveys. Data is provided in the form of maps, tables, and reports.

Find population and household data for states, cities/towns, MSA, counties, zip codes, and census tracts/blocks.